Hydra Bébé: properly moisturized skin is skin that is well protected!February 2014

Hydra Bébé face cream and body lotion are essential products for day-to-day care, perfectly moisturizing the skin of new-born babies. But that's not all! They also support its natural development, preserving its cellular wealth and providing deep-down protection day after day.


Most women don’t think twice about moisturizing their skin on a daily basis. But when it comes to our babies, it’s not the first think we think of! And yet, their delicate skin needs it as much as ours does – perhaps even more so: until the age of 2, it is not yet able to keep itself properly hydrated. During this period of development, it is absolutely essential that it be properly nourished and strengthened every day in order to keep it healthy.


Enjoyable products…

With Mustela Bébé’s Hydra Bébé, day-to-day care becomes a real pleasure: Hydra Bébé face cream and body lotion have a rich, creamy texture and are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and wonderfully moisturized. Another little advantage: the inimitable scent of Mustela which goes hand-in-hand with the scent of a new-born, and which we love having on their skin…


… specialist products

And because Mustela’s specialists know more about babies' skin than anybody else, Hydra Bébé products contain everything they need to take care of the skin: plant oils and vitamins E and F to provide your baby’s skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration, as well as Shea butter to leave it soft and silky. Without forgetting avocado mannoheptulose, an exceptional natural ingredient which strengthens the cutaneous barrier and preserves the wealth of cells in our babies’ skin.

So make sure you liberally apply Hydra Bébé products every day after your baby's bath. And why not give him a little massage to help the cream absorb completely – the best way to help him relax and feel good!


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