The Mustela brand wins an award for the eco-design of its packagingFebruary 2014

Protecting skin, protecting the environment

How can you take care of babies without considering the environment in which they live? Mustela has demonstrated its commitment to promoting sustainable development by implementing concrete initiatives for several years now. All the products in the new Mustela Bébé range have been designed to minimize the impact they have on the environment. Its biodegradable products can be rinsed off, its bottles can be recycled and it uses cardboard made from trees harvested from sustainably managed forests. There is no superfluous packaging (boxes, guidelines), vegetable oil-based inks are used on the packs and some bottles have been designed to make them lighter.


An award at international level

In 2013, Mustela – a Laboratoires Expanscience brand – took part in the Sustainable Beauty Awards. These are presented to companies in the cosmetics sector throughout the world that have demonstrated a commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

And the major efforts that Mustela has gone to in eco-designing its packaging made all the difference! Mustela – which was up against more than 100 other companies in the "Sustainable packaging" category – was presented with an award in recognition of the cosmetics brand's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products by improving its packaging.

A worthwhile award which will encourage the brand to continue its efforts: by 2015, all new Mustela products will be eco-designed to further reduce the impact they have on the environment. Featuring increasingly environmentally-friendly packaging and formulas that use ever-higher percentages of natural products, Mustela’s products take care of your baby's skin while respecting humankind and safeguarding the planet – more effectively than ever before.

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